Overview of the quotes of athletes at the 52nd meeting Pravda – Televízia – Slovnaft in the x-bionic sphere complex in Samorin:

Anita Wlodarczyk (Poland, hammer throw, 1st place, 75.45 m): “It was a very nice race, thanks for the support and great atmosphere. I am glad that I won, but I am not satisfied with my performance, I wanted to break the record of the meeting. I did not feel ideally, it was not my day. I would like to participate here also next year.”

Nikola Lomnicka (Slovakia, hammer throw, 7th place, 64.17 m): The weather did not matter to me, although the wind was stronger. I am not satisfied, I can do better. In the race, I probably want to much, and then my technique fails.

Martina Hrasnova (Slovakia, hammer throw, 8th place, 60.88 m): “I repent that it was so bad, but the wind conditions were not the ones which we would have wished for. In the trainings, I did not throw badly, but in comparison with the standard, I have thrown only one tenth of them. I am disappointed, but what can we do. I am still not fit, I do what I can,”

Lucia Hrivnak Klocova (Slovakia, 800 metres, additionally awarded bronze medal from the European Championships 2010): “Tears appeared in my face, because I was given an original gift. I am glad that I was awarded this medal, because I have it in live memory, that at that time I lost the medal very closely. I missed the third place for only hundreds of a second. I am glad that I got it in a clean way, as all the medals that I have at home.”

Adrian Swiderski (Poland, triple jump, 1st place, 16.53 m):Competition was perfect, everything was great, except his performance. It was windy, but it did not matter to me. I am satisfied with the overall meeting. I equalized my season´s best, but I hoped to do more.”

Tomas Veszelka (Slovakia, triple jump, 3rd place, 16.36 m): “I am surprised that I jumped so far. I enjoyed running and fans pushed me forward. The second attempt was a pity, I jumped 16.50 m, but with an overstep.”

Anna Kielbasinska (Poland, 200 metres sprint, 1st place, 23.25 s): “I am satisfied with my triumph, and with the time, but the wind was strong. Close to the finish, I could not see any rival, so I was sure I would win.”

Alexandra Bezekova (Slovakia, 200 metres sprint, 4th place, 23.67 s): “I wanted to run faster, but in such strong dead wind at the start, it is impossible. My goal was to improve my personal best, but it was impossible.”

Ramil Gulijev (Turkey, 200 metres sprint, 1st place, 19.98 s): “When I came here, I together with my coach said that we would try to set a new record of this meeting. I gave into it my maximum, but in the beginning, we had a strong dead wind, but in the final, it has helped us.” 

Jan Volko (Slovakia, 200 metres sprint, 3rd place, 20.58 s): “I could not do more. It was a fight with the wind, I am not used to such a strong wind. Favorites pulled me forward, but in the final, they ran away. I still have a lot of to learn,”

Adelle Tracey (Great Britain, 800 metres, 1st place, 2:04.25 min): “I was here also last year and I know the environment. The pace was a little bit slow, but the race was fine, good preparation for the World Championships.”

Alexandra Stukova (Slovakia, 800 metres, 8th place, 2:05.89 min): “In the beginning of the race I was keeping in the suspension, because I wanted to avoid the wind and to worm forward. Katarina started reasonable pace, but the wind was unpleasant. I am not satisfied with my time, but with this weather, it is fine.”

Pawel Fajdek (Slovakia, hammer throw, 1st place, 78.67 m): “I am not satisfied with the result, because I was too slow in the circle. I am angry, because I wanted to throw more than 80 metres.”

Marcel Lomnicky (Slovakia, hammer throw, 3rd place, 74.86 m): “It was extremely difficult. It is not like when it is hot. Although the circle is sharpened, it is still slow. Overall, we had tough conditions. Nevertheless, I think that I performed valuable performance.”

Niall Flannery (Great Britain, 400 metres, 1st place, 50.98 s): “It was a great race despite of strong wind. I had to change the tactics to the plan, I focused on this change to come in the right time.”

Jakub Bottlik (Slovakia, 400 metres hurdles, 7th place, 53.59 s): “Two weeks ago I heard about this start, so I prepared for it a little bit. It is a huge experience to run with these guys. The same as last year, it has given me a lot.”

Lebobang Shange (South Africa, 3000 metres walk, 1st place, 11:14.49 min): I am very satisfied with my time. I prepared for three weeks in the High Tatra mountains, I like it here very much.”

Nijel Amos (Botswana, 800 metres, 1st place, 1:45.75 min): I am glad that I have come here, although I did not show an ideal performance. I achieved great time and I like it.”

Jozef Repcik (Slovakia, 800 metres, 9th place, 1:48.27 min): “This time is not what I was hoping for. I do not know why it has happened, I came here awaken. This wind was a pity, but also with it, we can run about 1:45.7. I need to be realistic, I cannot compare myself with the Olympic medallist.”

Iga Baumgart (Poland, 400 metres, 1st place, 52.43 s): “I am very glad for the win, because the wind was strong. I achieved a great time.”

Tihomir Ivanov (Bulgaria, high jump, 1st place, 224 cm): “It was a great race, but the wind was strong. I could not strike the take-off, but I am happy I finished first.

Matus Bubenik (Slovakia, high jump, 7th place, 215 cm): “It was my first start, from my side it was tiring. We finished the rough preparation and the body need to get into it. I feel fine and I think that it will go up. I waited that I would achieve better results, I wanted to show off in front of home audience.”

Iveta Putalova (Slovakia, 400 metres, 6th place, 53.54 s): “The wind was strong, but the weather belongs to this sport. I tried to do the best time and to gain the limit to the World Championships, but this wind was over my abilities. I wanted to pull behind the good rivals.”

Jana Veldakova (Slovakia, long jump, 3rd place, 644 cm): “It was nerve-wrecking. It is like I was attracting small oversteps and started to become a part of me. I felt fine, but at the end of the competitions I started to lose my strength.”

Daria Klishina (independent sportswoman, long jump, 1st place, 675 cm): “I am very glad that I created my season´s personal best. This was the second race in a short time, but I felt fine. The atmosphere was great, maybe warmer weather was missing.