Two third places brought the competitions in the first part of the 52nd meeting Pravda-Televízia – Slovnaft in Samorin in the complex x-bionic sphere. Trimple jumper Tomas Veszelka and sprinter Jan Volko gained these results.

200 metres sprint predictably won Turkish athlete Ramil Gulijev, who achieved time 19.98 s with a wind +7,1 that was stronger than is allowed. “When I came here, I together with my coach said that we would try to set a new record of this meeting. I gave into it my maximum, but in the beginning, we had a strong dead wind, but in the final, it has helped us,” said 27-year-old Gulijev.

Jan Volko finished with his time of 20.58 s. “I could not do more. It was a fight with the wind, I am not used to such a strong wind,” said young Slovak sprinter and added: “Favorites pulled me forward, but in the final, they ran away. I still have a lot of to learn,” he added.

Andrian Swiderski from Poland won the triple jump competition with his performance of 16.53 in his second attempt. “Competition was perfect, everything was great, except his performance. It was windy, but it did not matter to me. I am satisfied with the overall meeting. I equalized my season´s best, but I hoped to do more,” said after the competition 30-year-old Polish athlete.

The best Slovak triple jumper was also satisfied. “I am surprised that I jumped so far. I enjoyed running and fans pushed me forward. The second attempt was a pity, I jumped 16.50 m, but with an overstep,” said Tomas Veszelka.  

At the women´s 200 metres sprint the wind was also very heavy, Polish Anna Kielbasinska won this competition. “I am satisfied with my triumph, and with the time, but the wind was strong. Close to the finish, I could not see any rival, so I was sure I would win,” she said. Slovak Alexandra Bezekova finished fourth. “I wanted to run faster, but in such strong dead wind at the start, it is impossible. My goal was to improve my personal best, but it was impossible,” she remarked.