The President of European Athletics (EA), Svein Arne Hansen is positively surprised by the organisation at the restored athletic meeting P-T-S and the multifunctional complex xbionic® sphere in Samorin, where the meeting currently takes place. “I am very happy, that I am back in Slovakia because of the P-T-S meeting. I found a great complex in very nice surroundings, there are not many like this in the world,” said Norwegian official and continued: “Many times I was the P-T-S meeting in Bratislava. Every athlete wanted to participate there in the past. I am very happy that we have the second edition of the restored meeting. Sportsmen, sportswomen, coaches and managers always speak positively about this event and in this complex. I express congratulations to the Slovak Athletic Federation that they managed to restore the P-T-S meeting.”

During the ceremonial opening on Saturday afternoon, Svein Arne Hanses additionally awards bronze medal from the 2010 European Championships to Lucia Hrivnak Klocova. “Sportsmen and sportswomen should be awarded medals at the stadiums. It is a shame and it is a pity that she gets it like this after seven years. I believe that in the future we will be able to solve things to minimize time and events like this. It is a long journey, but we prepare certain steps,” said President of EA.