Last year at the renewed version of P-T-S event, the legendary Alberto Juantorena saw in front of his eyes that his own record from 1978 (1:44.97) was broken. This year there will be a chance to improve this new record (1:44.70) of Kenyan Nicolas Kipkoech probably by two medalists from World Championships, who confirmed their performance at P-T-S event on Saturday June 17th at the new modern complex x-bionic® sphere in Samorin.

Ethiopian Mohamed Aman won in Moscow 2013 with his personal best 1:42.37, which is also a national record of Ethiopia and 9th place at the historical standing. At the World Championships in Beijing 2015, Amel Tuka from Bosnia and Hercegovina finished third with national record 1:42.51. Tuka as the best athlete of his country was very upset that he did not make to the final at Olympic Games in Rio.

Battle between Aman-Tuka will be another top discipline of the event. National recorder from Slovakia, Jozef Repcik and his team mate from Slovak team, Matus Talan will be also presented.

Organizers are wishing to get over 230cm in high jump men competition. On a starting list there is a medalist from World Championships, Zang Guoweia from China with personal best 238cm. Silver medalist from Beijing 2015 has jumped so far 231cm this season. His main rival will be another Asian high jumper, record holder from Syria Majed Ghazal with the personal best 236cm. He finished 7th at Olympic Games in Rio and this season he has jumped over 230cm. In his country, where are many difficulties, he is now the best athlete. There are other athletes with personal bests over 230cm, such as Matus Bubenik from Slovakia (premiere start of the season at P-T-S) or Mexican recorder Edgar Rivera (230cm indoors). Also Portorican Joel Castro (229) is on a starting list, including the best Bulgarian Tihomir Ivanov (229).  Another great Slovak high jumper, Lukas Beer (228) won`t be missing as well.


Organizers have already announced Hammer Throw stars Anita Wlodarczyk and Pawel Fajdek, who are leading the world standings of 2017. Hammer Throw competition will be included in the prestigious IAAF series. Long jump, as a premiere Memorial of Eva Suranova will welcome European stars such as Daria Klisinova from Russia and British Lorraine Ugen.


Also 200m competition will have its stars including the silver medalist from European Indoor Championships (60m) Jan Volko from Slovakia, the Olympic medalist Brendon Rodney from Canada and silver medalist from European Championships Ramil Gulijev from Turkey. Of course there will be other great Slovak top athletes presented including Matej Toth, Iveta Putalova, Marcel Lomnicky and Hammer Throw recorder, Martina Hrasnova, who will start her season at P-T-S event.


The fifty second year of the P – T – S athletic meeting will take place in the sports area of

x – bionic ® sphere in Šamorín on Saturday, June 17, 2017. Main program will start at 13.15 o`clock starting with the Hammer Throw. Free entrance for spectators.