GHAZAL MAJED EL DEIN (Syria – high jump M – 1st place, 230 cm): “Great people, great place, great weather, great meeting. I am really happy that I was the first to jump 230 centimeters in this area. I wanted to jump 233 centimeters too, I was close, but I missed the technique a bit in my last attempt. Who knows, maybe I will succeed next year. If everything goes well, I’ll be happy to come back again. ”

CHRISTOPHER BELCHER (USA – 100 m M – 1st place, 10,18 s): “Only superlatives can be said for a meeting. The track was excellent, I am satisfied with my performance today. The only problem I had was insect that was really annoying during the race, I had those flies everywhere! Šamorín will be certainly included in my next year event list. ”

KENDELL WILLIAMS (USA – long jump W – 1st place, 655 cm): “It was my second start in Šamorin, and I’m glad I came back here. After today’s second place in the hurdles I was pleased to have won the long jump. I am satisfied with 6.55m. It was a little difficult to move between the two disciplines, but on the other hand it keeps me in constant concentration. The atmosphere at the meeting was great, the whole organization worked great. And I have to praise the food, I really like it here! ”

KIAH SEYMOUR (USA – 400 m hurdles W – 1 st place, 55,92 s): “I am not very excited about my time, but I didn´t run badly. At the end, I felt that the rivals were just behind me and I couldn’t relax. I like this meeting very much and if it is the option, I would like to start here next year. The organizers work at the highest level and the audience is great.”